Trading pins - How to make homemade Trading pins


Trading pins is an excellent object that attached to the lapel of a jacket or worn over the breast on a shirt. They can represents a persons loyalty to a firm. Lapel pins are tied to clothing using either a bind pin or a pin with a grip. Homemade trading pins are easy and simple to create and too much cheap. Homemade lapel pins have a wide variety in the whole world. The only requirement is the creativity of the individual creating or designing the pin.

Place the Trading pins on a flat work surface so the back of the item is confronting. Place the item so that the side you wish to be viewed while you are having on it is towards the table and the back is up. Turn on the hot glue gun and allow the glue to warm. Apply two to three drops of hot glue on the trading pins object in the suggested area. Directly position the trading pin back, on the hot glue drops. Leave the glue to dry 15 minutes before trying to any garment.

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