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Template:Infobox416 Welcome to the Industrial Design Clinic Wiki. The purpose of this wiki is to build a go-to resource for Design Clinic participants and engineering colleagues at WSU, and to share what we are learning with others.

In this course, we work directly with industrial project sponsors to solve real engineering problems. We are responsible for every aspect of project management, from scoping to production, including budget, travel, and business communication. In addition to using the wiki for long-term knowledge management, we use Base Camp to manage day-to-day tasks, file sharing, and communication.

These pages exist within WSU Wiki, which is open to the Washington State University network. Please feel free to comment or contribute to this effort, as this is a community resource and we value your input.

If you are interested in sponsoring a project, please feel free to contact the director for more information.

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To Edit the Wiki, login using your WSU ID and Password (the same one you use to access MyWSU).

I'll provide a hard copy of the Help:Quick_start_editing pages with additional information about how to access our Wiki FTP site for posting images and files. Printable Version

Have fun. Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best, Kelley



Administrative Stuff

Category and Article pages

  • Each article page should belong to at least one category. You can put an article into a category by using brackets [[category:categoryname]] at the bottom of the page.
  • Article pages can belong to many categories. An article will automatically appear on the category page to which it belongs. By adding a new category to the bottom of an existing article page you will automatically create a new category page. It will appear as a red link at the bottom of the SAVED page.

Creating New Pages

  1. You can create a new page by first creating a link to it on an existing page.
  2. Find a page that "naturally" should have a link to the new page. If there doesn't seem to be such a page, you can use the Sandbox.
  3. Edit the page (using the "edit" button at the top). Add [[some page name]] Spaces will appear as underscores in URL.

VERY IMPORTANT: Use the "Save page" button .

  1. Click on the red link. The wiki will display an editing box for the new page.
  2. Type in content for the new page.
  3. Use the "Save page" button to save your changes into the wiki.

Create the page by URL:

Edit a page using the following:

  • add a new section using = signs: (==new section== ) (===new subsection===)
  • Bullet items by adding a * before the sentence.
  • Use return twice to start a new line
  • Use Qwikly ( to create references. First pick from a list of reference types, fill in the information, click "Create," copy and paste it into the wiki article, save your edit and you are finished.

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